Planners that are popular today are beautiful and artistic expressions of who we are and what we love.

Using a planner can help us clarity, focus, gain direction, and be better organized. But even more than that, they can become beautiful pieces of art.  What an amazing thing to leave for the next generation! They reminded me of the treasured notes, handwritten journals, and recipes left by my grandparents. I love looking back at what was important to them, how they felt, how they spent their days and their money.  Man! I am getting excited as I write this!  I hope I can help you learn to be excited about it, too.  Through the end of the month, FSJ planners and supplies are available at amazing prices.  Below are two great planner kits that are on sale. Clicking on the photos will take you directly to my online store where you can order and see what other goodies you can’t live without.