I’ve been struggling with hand pain for months now and for someone who crafts so much, it’s been more than just a little bit of an inconvenience.  After developing a trigger finger that became progressively unusable and painful, I finally got an appointment with a hand surgeon in Boise, Idaho.  I had a nerve conduction study Wednesday morning followed by the appointment with the surgeon in the afternoon.  My surgery was scheduled for the very next day and since I had no idea I’d be having surgery so soon, we left home without overnight bags.  After making a quick trip to Walmart for toiletries and dog food, Harold, our dog Snowy and I spent a sleepless night in a hotel room with a horribly uncomfortable (hard) bed.  Anyway, the surgery revealed LOTS of very tough scar tissue that developed after my previous hand surgery. I am at home recovering and (thankfully) sleeping in my soft, comfy bed. Tomorrow I get to cut off the beautiful pink bandages and just wear large fabric Band-Aids. YIPPEE!  More freedom of movement!

I am so thankful to have this behind me and I am praying this will be my last romp with surgery of any kind. Period!  More hand mobility without pain equals more creative ability; looking forward to it very, very soon!