Welcome to the March installment of the “Makery Challenge.”  Each month, my friend and fellow Fun Stampers Journey Coach, Carrie Rhodes, challenge each other to create new projects using products from the four categories listed in the first image below.  The second photo shows you the gift bag I created from the products we selected this time.


The bag itself is cut from the Card Carrier Die set (below).   The finished base of the bag is about 1″ wide so three (or more) cards will fit inside.  Wouldn’t a set like this make an adorable (and inexpensive) DIY gift.  This is a two piece die set: one die for the bag and one die for the handle. 

For the bag I created, I used white ribbon rather than paper handles; however, a very sturdy handle can be made by layering and gluing multiple die cut cardstock handles together.  Pop dots applied about half way up both sides of the large pink heart create a pocket that holds a coordinating gift tag.  For coloring the unicorn, I chose Journey Colorburst Pencils because they blend so nicely using a blending stump.  I glued a white scalloped border to the top edge and adorned it with pink sequins which I topped with Journey Glaze to give them added dimension and shine. Lastly, I gave my unicorn a healthy dose of glitter applied to both the tail and mane.  Talk about a seriously FUN project…it made me giggle!

Carrie’s Unicorn Bag is in the photo below.  She used a print from her Gel Press to die cut her colored background layer.  I affectionately call Carrie, “The Gel Press Queen,” and tease her to wear her crown proudly!  Hop over to her website http://www.carriestamps.com  to get the details about how she created it.  We hope that by showing you the diversity of our outcomes, you will see that anyone can easily turn a few simple items into stunning works of art.