This month’s Mystery Makery (between Rachel Brumley and I) builds on the previous installment called Does It Feel Like Fall?  I had such a blast creating with the Eyes on You stamp set that I decided to use it again this month. 

The photo shows a party favor created using the Milk Carton die, a circular greeting card, and a door hanger. It really only took a few minutes to lay down the color on the stamped monster images using the Color Burst pencils and then using the Color Burst Blenders to move and smooth the color.

A Lesson in Coloring with Pencils

  • Paper has what is called “tooth” which refers to the tiny hills and valleys in the paper’s grain.  I like using FSJ Whip Cream cardstock for my coloring projects.
  • Hold your pencil nearly vertical (like you would when writing).
  • Keep the tip of your pencil sharp
  • Color using small circular or oval strokes.  This will create smooth, even coverage and will make blending easier.
  • Use a light touch when coloring and layer your color(s). The more you layer, the bolder the color.
  • Light pressure when coloring will keep you from smashing the tooth of the paper.  Once the tooth is completely flattened, you won’t be able to blend your work.
  • Use a small amount of Gamsol or baby oil applied to Color Burst Blenders for blending the color from the pencils.  Click here to watch a coloring with pencils video on YouTube.

Now here’s Rachel’s cute greeting card.  For more information on her project, you can go to her blog by clicking here.